Friday, November 21, 2008

Learn a new word


meaning: an act of giving up something of value for the sake of something that is of greater value or importance.(Concise Oxford English Dictionary)

Malay Equivalent: berkorban

Sample sentence: Teachers always sacrifice their time for their students.
(Guru-guru selalu mengorbankan masa untuk anak-anak didik mereka)

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Is it better to be born rich or intelligent?

Being rich and intelligent are two great qualities. I would like to have both! Yet as I can only choose either to be born rich or intelligent, I would definitely prefer the first to the latter choice.
Firstly being rich will make my life much easier. As a student who is moderate academically, having money will ensure a place in a good prestigious college. I believe without intelligent I can achieve success in many other skilled-based fields if chance is given to improve on my skills. I may not be good at math, science and language but I am excellent in arts. I can learn arts and design, cooking or crafting.
Besides, I can fulfil my desire. I can put on clothes and shoes that I like. I can buy them at the streets or at the big shopping malls. With lots of money, I can choose where to shop. In fact, I can choose what to eat and where to eat. Holidaying will be more frequent as I can afford to visit local and overseas destinations.
Moreover, I can help the poor and the less fortunate. My mum has always taught me to donate to the less privileged people because sharing what we have with others is a benevolent act. Perhaps, I can be an entrepreneur who owns many textiles factories. I will provide jobs to thousands of people all over the world. The intelligent people will not be excluded. They will give great ideas on how to expand my business.
I believe a rich person can bring many benefits to others if he knows how to spend his money wisely and how to be kind to others.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Novel:The Pearl

QUESTION: Describe the most interesting event in the novel.Give reasons why do you find it interesting.
I find the most interesting incident in the novel, “The Pearl” written by John Steinbeck, is when Kino takes Coyotito to see the doctor.

Firstly, it is interesting because the incident is made dramatic. All the way from Kino’s hut, the neighbours tag behind him. Then when he reaches the town, everyone including the beggars, also follow him making the visit to the doctor looks like a procession. Everyone seems curious to know whether the greedy doctor will treat Kino’s son. They are waiting to watch a live drama acted by Kino and the doctor.

Next, it is interesting because it shows how the poor is exploited by the rich and educated. In this incident, Kino is helpless due to his ignorance and poverty. He has no other options but to seek treatment for his son from the doctor. As expected, the doctor refuses to treat his son because he cannot pay him. Yet, the humiliation of being rejected does not deter him from finding the great pearl so that his son can be cured.

Lastly, it is interesting as it depicts how the rich and poor differ from each other vividly. The doctor is projected as living in a brick house, drinking chocolate from porcelain cup and wearing silk robe. Meanwhile Kino is pictured as someone who lives in a brush hut, eating corn cakes for breakfast and dives for pearl to support his wife and son. This incident alone able to demonstrates the luxurious lifestyle of the rich and the simple hard life of the poor.

Friday, August 15, 2008

The Pearl. Practice 2

Based on the novel you have read, describe an interesting event.

“The Pearl” has many interesting events but I find an event when Kino took Coyotito to see the doctor as the most interesting.

First, I have noted from the event that Kino and Juana are good parents because they are willing to swallow their pride for their son’s sake. Feeling scared of Coyotito’s life; Juana demands for a doctor whom everyone knows will not treat a poor patient.
Meanwhile, Kino who knows that only the doctor can save his son’s life agrees to his wife’s suggestion.

Next, this event succeeds to show how the poor is being treated by the rich. With a procession of people behind him, Kino is humiliated by the doctor. His hope to save his son’s life is shattered. Instead of treating his sick son, the doctor bluntly refuses to treat him because Kino cannot afford to pay the medical fees. The servant has implied the refusal indirectly by saying that the doctor is away.

Finally, this event points out the contrast between the rich and the poor. The doctor is portrayed as a wealthy spoiled doctor who lives in a big brick house. When his servant comes to inform about Kino’s sick son, he is sipping hot chocolate from a dainty cup. He is also wearing a silk robe. This is contrast to Kino who lives in a brush hut and eats corn cakes.

This event is clearly interesting as it demonstrates the suffering of the poor and how they are prejudiced against by the rich.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Wise Saying

“Tell me and I forget; show me and I remember; involve me and I understand.” - unknown

The Pearl: Practice 1

Describe the character that you like in the novel you have read. Give reasons.

The Pearl
Introduction: Kino
3 reasons:
1. Caring- smashed scorpion-bare hand-took baby to doctor
2. Brave – fought trackers- protect family
3. A determined person- refused – sell pearl –low price- wanted to sell –another city

Conclusion: should be emulated-has all the good qualities.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Modal verbs

Form sentences using modal verbs: may, must, should, ought to, can, could

1.Pedestrians ____________hold their handbags or belonging close to their body.

2.Pedestrians ___________ be careful of suspicious motorists.

3.Pedestrians __________ always be aware of approaching motorists.

4.Pedestrians ___________ walk against the flow of traffic

5.Pedestrians ____________ be observant of your surroundings

6.Pedestrians ____________ not walk alone especially in the dark, lonely roads or back streets.

7.Pedestrians ___________ keep important items such as wallets out of sight.

8.Motorists __________ not expose handbags or belongings openly in the basket.

9.Motorists ___________ be watchful of suspicious motorists.

10.The snatch thieves ___________ be punished severely.

11.The snatch thieves’ property and money __________ be confiscated.

Formal letter

A letter to editor

You are deeply concerned about the rising number of snatch thefts. You want to make recommendations on how to put a stop to snatch thefts from occurring so often. Write a letter to the editor of a local newspaper and give your recommendations. Include the following points:

Introduction: ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

1) Problems:
• increasing number of snatch theft incidents
• thieves are more bold and violent
• victims — badly injured, left in a coma or killed

2) Suggestions:
Pedestrians should:
- hold handbags or belongings close to their body
- be careful of suspicious motorists or persons
- be aware of approaching motorists
- walk against the flow of traffic
- be observant of their surroundings
- not walk alone especially in the dark, lonely roads or back streets
- keep important items such as wallets out of sight

• Motorcyclists should:
- not expose handbags or belongings openly in the basket
- be watchful of suspicious motorists

• Snatch thieves should:
- be punished severely
- be sentenced to long jail terms, fined heavily
- have their property and money confiscated


The Pearl: Plot Summary

Kino, a young pearl diver in La Paz, enjoys his simple life until the day his son, Coyotito, is stung by a scorpion. The wealthy town doctor will not treat the baby because Kino cannot pay the doctor's fee, so Kino and his wife, Juana, are left only to hope their child is saved. That day Kino goes diving, and finds a great pearl, the Pearl of the World, and knows he is suddenly a wealthy man. The word travels quickly about the pearl and many in the town begin to plot ways to steal it.

While the towns people plot against Kino, he dreams of marrying Juana in a church, buying a rifle, and sending Coyotito to school so that he can learn to read. Kino believes that an education will free his son from the poverty and ignorance that have oppressed their people for more than four hundred years.

The doctor comes to treat Coyotito once he learns of Kino's pearl, and although the baby is healed by Juana's remedy, the doctor takes advantage of Kino's ignorance. He convinces Kino that the child is still ill and will die without the care of a doctor. The doctor then manipulates Kino into unwittingly revealing where he has hidden the great pearl. Kino moves the pearl when the doctor leaves. That night, an intruder comes into Kino's hut and roots around near the spot where Kino had first buried the pearl.

The next day, Kino tries to sell the pearl in town. The pearl buyers have already planned to convince Kino that the great pearl he has found is worth very little because it is too large. This way they can purchase the pearl for a low price. But when the buyers try to cheat Kino, he refuses to sell the pearl and plans to travel to another city to sell at a fair price. His brother, Tom Juan, feels Kino's plan is foolish because it defies his entire way of life and puts his family in danger. Kino is now on his own, although he doesn't know it yet.

Juana warns Kino that the pearl is evil and will destroy his family, but he refuses to throw it away because it is his one chance to provide a different life for his family. That night, Juana takes the pearl and tries to throw it into the sea, but Kino stops her and beats her. On his way back to their hut, Kino is attacked and he kills the man in self-defense. Juana goes to gather their things and escape and finds the floor of their hut completely dug up. While she's inside the hut getting the baby, someone lights it on fire.

Kino, Juana, and Coyotito hide with Kino's brother for a day before embarking on their journey to a new city under the cover of darkness. While they are resting during the day, Kino discovers that there are trackers following them. He knows that they will steal the pearl and kill his family if they catch them. To escape, Kino and Juana take the baby and run to the mountains where they hide in a cave at nightfall. The trackers camp just below the ridge where they are hiding. Kino sneaks down in the night to kill the trackers, but before he can attack them, Coyotito cries out. The trackers, thinking it's a coyote, shoot at the dark cave where Juana and Coyotito are hiding. As the shot is fired, Kino springs on the trackers and kills them all. Unfortunately, Coyotito was killed by the first gunshot, and Kino's journey with the pearl ends in tragedy.

Realizing that the pearl is cursed and has destroyed his family (as Juana forewarned), Kino and Juana return to La Paz and throw the cursed pearl into the sea.

To all former SMKSR and my former students from all over Malaysia

Salam and hello to all boys and girls

Keep in touch!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Weekly practice 1

1)Pick out the uncountable nouns

a)river water bottle vinegar : __________________________________

b)stream money ink gold : __________________________________

c)water boy flour sugar : __________________________________

d)rice book coffee paper : __________________________________

2)Underline the correct verb form

a)Kamila(cycle, cycles)to school every day.

b)Ihsan and Faiz(plays, play) at the playground.

c)The boys (is , are ) reading quietly in the library.

d)My father (work , works)in Kuala Lumpur.

Collection of questions

Nama: _________________________________
Tingkatan: _____________


English Language
Form 5
One hour


A) SHORT STORY: The Necklace , by Guy de Maupassant

Read the following from the short story and answer the questions.

1. Why was Mathilde angry and distressed?
_________________________________________________(2 marks)

2. Briefly describe Mathilde’s character as evident in the extract.
__________________________________________________2 marks)

3. What had caused Mathilde to change her lifestyle
__________________________________________________(2 marks)

4. Explain how Mathilde ‘bore her part’.
__________________________________________________(2 marks)

‘But-madame!-I do not know_
You must be mistaken.’
‘No,I am Mathilde Loisel.’
Her friend uttered a cry.’Oh,my poor Mathilde! How you are changed!’

5. How has Mathilde changed?
___________________________________________________(2 marks)
6. What has caused the change?
___________________________________________________(2 marks)

B) POEM: Si Tenggang’s Homecoming, by Muhammad Haji Salleh

Read the extracts below and answer the questions.

The physical journey that i traverse
Is a journey of the soul,

7) What does “physical journey” refer to?
____________________________________________________(2 marks)

8) What does the ‘journey of the soul’ refer to?
____________________________________________________(2 marks)

the journey was a loyal teacher
Who was never tardy
In explaining cultures and variousness.

9) What is the persona comparing in the lines above?
____________________________________________________(2 marks)

10) Why is the journey ‘a loyal teacher’?
____________________________________________________(2 marks)


Combine the sentences using the conjunctions given in the brackets.
Example: a) Irfan laid down on the couch.
b) Irfan was so sleepy. (because)
Irfan laid down on the couch because he was sleepy.

1. a) Soleha spent a year in Japan
b) Soleha’s Japanese would improve.(so that)

_______________________________________________(2 marks)

2. a) The extra class was cancelled.
b) No one showed up for the extra class.(since)

_______________________________________________(2 marks)

3. a) Adam’s parents still supported him.
b) They disapproved of his decision. (even though)

________________________________________________(2 marks)

4. a) We called the plumber.
b) The tap was leaking.(because)

_________________________________________________(2 marks)

5. a) You will not get your ice cream.
b) You must finish your salad.(unless)

_________________________________________________(2 marks)

POEM: Si Tenggang’s Homecoming, by Muhammad Haji Salleh

1) What does “physical journey” refer to?
The journey oversea / The transfer of oneself to another country (2 marks)
2) What does the ‘journey of the soul’ refer to?
The spiritual journey (2 marks)
3) What is the persona comparing in the lines above?
The journey to a loyal teacher (2 marks)
4) Why is the journey ‘a loyal teacher’?
Because he has learnt many things from his journey (2 marks)

A) SHORT STORY: The Necklace , by Guy de Maupassant

1. Why was Mathilde angry and distressed?
She was angry because she was married to a mere clerk and she felt she deserved a better life than this.(2 marks)
2. Briefly describe Mathilde’s character as evident in the extract.
She is proud and materialistic.(2 marks)
3. What had caused Mathilde to change her lifestyle
She had lost her friend’s necklace and the Loisels had to borrow to buy a new necklace and had to work for ten years to pay their debt. (2 marks)
4. Explain how Mathilde ‘bore her part’.
She dismissed her servant and they moved to a smaller house.She did heavy housework to save money.(2 marks)
5. How has Mathilde changed?
She has looked old, strong and rough.(2 marks)
6. What has caused the change?
Ten years of hardwork to pay the debt.(2 marks)

Novel;The Pearl

Question: Write about a character that you would like to emulate.
The Pearl
The person that I would like to emulate in “The Pearl” is Juana. I find that Juana is a good and dutiful wife as well as a loving and devoted mother.
First, as a wife, she gets up before Kino and prepares corn cakes for him. She only eats when Kino has eaten. She speaks only when she is spoken to. She does so because she respects him.
Next, as a mother, Juana loves her baby, Coyotito. When Coyotito is stung by the scorpion, she quickly sucks the poison out and asks for a doctor to treat his son. She even applies a poultice of seaweed in her attempt to heal Coyotito’s wound.
Finally, I admire Juana for her strength and courage. She is not a greedy person. She is not a greedy person because when she senses that the pearl is evil, she wants to throw it away. She even refuses to leave Kino alone when they are followed by the trackers. She insists on staying by his side.
I would like to emulate Juana for she has many wonderful characteristics.