Monday, January 31, 2011

The Curse:"The Old Lady"

Who is the Old lady?

Lee Su Ann must have a reason for creating the character “The Old Lady” in the story. The Old Lady seems alien in a small Malay village despite of being Malay.

She has been ostracised for many years only because the villagers believe that she has killed her own husband. She is found guilty without trial even though evidences have proved her innocent.

Instead of getting herself immersed in self-pity, the Old Lady rises with pride. She chooses to stay in a small house in the forest. She relies only on herself. She plants her own vegetables and herbs.

Moving to the mainland has not been her dream as she does not have money. So, after her husband’s death, the house in the forest becomes her sanctuary.

Her friendship with Azreen has led her to be more receptive of the outside world. She lends her hand to treat Mohd Asraf’s grandmother who is seriously ill. She treats the sick lady with her herbs but fate plays its role when the sick lady succumbs to her illness.

The death of Mohd Asraf's grandmother causes her own final departure from the world. She is accused of poisoning Mohd Asraf’s grandmother. Mohd Asraf who has been overwhelmed with anger has accidentally lit her house on fire. Azreen fails to save the Old Lady who has been trapped in the fire. Her life is ended cruelly.

Do you like how the Old Lady dies? I don’t! A good person should be repaid with kindness. Tell me your opinion. Does she deserve to die in such a way?