Wednesday, July 14, 2010


My Dream Place

I have always dreamt to visit the most romantic city in the world. People say it is a city that is full of many amazing love stories. Many newlyweds go to Paris to spend their time together. It is also a city famous for its Eiffel Tower and the painting of “Monalisa”.

I would love to go there and climb the tower with the person that I love.It must be very romantic. My friend, Hanida always laughs at me. She keeps saying that I will only step my feet there if I have a chance to marry a rich business tycoon.

No way! I will prove her wrong. I would visit Paris with my own hard-earned money. I would take my mum,dad and sister.Yes! Paris! Wait for me!

My teacher said that from the top of Eiffel Tower, a visitor can witness the fascinating view of the city. Paris is beautiful because the Seine River ,which is running across it, is lined on both sides by beautiful architecture of old historical buildings from the fifteenth century.

She further informed me that a visit to the Lourves is a must to visitors. It is an art gallery where many famous paintings and scuptures are displayed. Almost half a day is needed to tour around the gallery.

If you are a keen perfume collector,then Paris is the place to shop for popular brands like “ Beautiful” and “Eternity”.You can get your favourites at lower price. I remember my friend once said after her visit. How I envy her.

However I am very positive that one day I shall fly to Paris. Before I leave for the metropolitan city, I will first of all learn French Language so that I can
communicate with the locals. I will learn how to order garlic bread, croissant and a cup of pure black coffee in French.


My Favourite Holiday Resort

The long winding narrow road made me felt so sick.Terribly sick! I really hated the journey up the mountain. Fortunately, my dad enjoyed driving.

Yet the moment my dad announced “We have arrived!”, I changed my opinion. I fell in love with Cameron Highland's breathtaking view and temperate climate.

A visit to the strawberry park was an unforgettable one. My mum bought a packet of strawberries sprinkled with sugar. Being skeptikal, my dad refused to eat them. He said he preferred to have them without sugar.So, he bought two packets of strawberries and gobbled them all. Mum warned dad “ Your tongue will surely get sore!”

Half an hour later,while mum was immersed in the sweet scents of roses grown proudly on the hilly areas of Brinchang, dad secretly asked for some sweets from my little brother.

Another spot I enjoyed visiting was the tea plantation. It was fascinating to witness the workers plucking the tea leaves at such a fast speed. I felt so small when I stood among the tea trees.

The stay at Merlin Hotel was great.The room was large and comfortable.What I like most was the view fom the balcony. I could see the large golf field framed by the natural landscape of tall trees and small thick tropical ferns.On top of that,the rental was reasonable and affordable.

Mum took the opportunity to do facial and went for a spa massage at the beauty salon. Meanwhile dad tried to get some naps. My brother made some cute poses while I took charge as the camera girl.

On the way home down the highland,mum made dad stopped at a few places. The boot of the car was filled with vegetables,strawberries,oranges and lots of roses. When questioned on her lavish spending, she answered “ They are all for your mum,aunties and sisters”

If mum loves Cameron Highland so much, I love it even more. One day, I will definitely go there again.Cameron Highland is indeed my favourite holiday resort.

(This is the description of Cameron Highland back in 2001.Now, Merlin Hotel has been taken over by another hotel)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Where there's a will,there's a way

meaning: if you have the determination,you will find ways to achieve your dream

Adam is determined to win the scholarship to study medicine at London University. He knows that where there's a will,there's a way.He will not easily give up and must therefore study really hard.



meaning: someone who does not get what he wants is usually frustrated and can easily provoked to anger.

sentence: Lina keeps quiet.She does not say a word since morning.Her grandmother said to her father "You'd better give her what she wants because a hungry man is an angry man.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

On 11th.July 2010

SPM: 134 days more.