Saturday, August 4, 2012

"Writing A Short Story Using a Poem". Let's take the challenge!

Dear readers,
Please read this poem and write a short story based on it. Post your short story to my email or this blog (post comment) and you will get a surprise gift from me.:)

Poem: “My Friend, Farah”

We consumed six meals a day
Tons of ice-cream
Tons of chocolate
Yet we remained skinny
Friends called us the Bony F.

Cruel age caught up with me
I began to put weight around my middle
Farah called my fat “love handles”
I was now pleasantly plump
But Farah remained pencil slim.

Then one day Farah called
She wanted to help me lose weight
By dieting with me
But I wasn’t convinced ……
She wasn’t the sacrificing kind.

Farah had put on five kilos
She started a liquid diet
Enrolled for aerobics and yoga classes
And lost two kilos after a week
Yet she was weak and dizzy.

Soon, she lost five kilos
But she did not stop
She was a woman obsessed
No more regular meals
She threw up all the food she ate.

Her eyes were all bloodshot
Her spine was sticking out
She was definitely shrinking
She no longer had the stamina to exercise
She looked like a war or famine victim.

One day I received a call
She had a heart attack
I saw her on hospital bed
With all the tubes in her
What a pitiful sight!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

More on The Curse

Greeting to all
If any of you really need the reference book for The Curse, you may get it from me via email. Leave your contact number.