Saturday, March 16, 2013

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This is my personal view on the poem " In The Midst of Hardship".

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In The Midst of Hardship is a beautiful poem written by Latiff Mohidin. He describes the hardship which the family from a village has to endure. Nature is chosen by Mohidin to represent the hardship. He specifically chooses the flood as a natural phenomenon that has disturbed the family’s peacefulness.
Flood which should have been the cause of grief and sorrow, however, does not seem to have affected the family. Despite losing their son’s albino buffalo and suffering from the loss incurred by the flood, the family remains optimist about life. They are still able to resume doing their normal activities like cooking, eating, smoking and making jokes.
This family shows an example of poor people who can still gain happiness even though they do not own much and has lost their son’s albino buffalo. They seem grateful with what they have because they do not sigh nor complain. They do not let themselves immerse in deep sorrow but enjoy the little pleasure they still have with each other.

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Friday, March 15, 2013

In The Midst of Hardship by Latiff Mohidin

At dawn they returned home
their soaky clothes torn
and approached the stove
their limbs marked by scratches
their legs full of wounds
but on their brows
there was not a sign of despair

The whole day and night just passed
they had to brave the horrendous flood
in the water all the time
between bloated carcasses
and tiny chips of tree barks
desperately looking for their son’s
albino buffalo that was never found
They were born amidst hardship
and grew up without a sigh or a complaint
now they are in the kitchen, making
jokes while rolling their ciggarete leaves