Friday, April 29, 2011

Theme; Love in "The Curse"

Question: Write about the theme “Love” in the novel you have read.
Skeleton of ideas
1. 3 types of love
a) Love between family members
b) Love between friends
c) Love triangle

2. Love between family members
 Father’s love- Salleh rescues Azreen a few times –from two incidents of fire – from a fight with Puan Normala
 Mother’s love- Azreen’s mother does not scold her for breaking her rattan basket – teaches her how to make new one – does not blame her for the accident
 Sister’s love – Madhuri- protects Azreen a few times from beatings – helps to weave rattan basket to replace the damaged basket – writes many letters to Azreen when she is in London

3. Love between friends
 Azreen and the Old Lady –console each other- Azreen is the Old Lady’s only friend –sacrifices for the Old Lady- tries to rescue the Old Lady when the house is on fire

4. Love triangle
 Azreen /Mohd.Asraf/ Madhuri – Azreen plays hockey for Mohd Asraf’s team - spends a lot of time together after school- sacrifices for Mohd Asraf-making false confession about letting the gate of the farm opened – unrequited love – Mohd.Asraf loves Madhuri – Madhuri returns his love.
 Hj Ghani/ Madhuri/ Puan Fatiha – Hj Ghani loves Madhuri – pampers her- buys things for her- Fatiha-first wife-jealous- Madhuri loves Mohd.Asraf – marries Hj Ghani –because she is forced by Salleh, her father.

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