Saturday, April 30, 2011

Who is Lee Su Ann?

Lee Su Ann is the author of the novel "The Curse", which is currently taught in secondary schools as part of the literature component. She was born in Penang and has grown up there. She is married to a local lad. At present, she writes medical books for doctors. In the past, she used to work as an embryo scientist.It must have been a surprise to many people to discover that this young writer is actually a scientist. She wrote "The Curse" when she was still a student at University Putra Malaysia (UPM).

Friday, April 29, 2011

Theme; Love in "The Curse"

Question: Write about the theme “Love” in the novel you have read.
Skeleton of ideas
1. 3 types of love
a) Love between family members
b) Love between friends
c) Love triangle

2. Love between family members
 Father’s love- Salleh rescues Azreen a few times –from two incidents of fire – from a fight with Puan Normala
 Mother’s love- Azreen’s mother does not scold her for breaking her rattan basket – teaches her how to make new one – does not blame her for the accident
 Sister’s love – Madhuri- protects Azreen a few times from beatings – helps to weave rattan basket to replace the damaged basket – writes many letters to Azreen when she is in London

3. Love between friends
 Azreen and the Old Lady –console each other- Azreen is the Old Lady’s only friend –sacrifices for the Old Lady- tries to rescue the Old Lady when the house is on fire

4. Love triangle
 Azreen /Mohd.Asraf/ Madhuri – Azreen plays hockey for Mohd Asraf’s team - spends a lot of time together after school- sacrifices for Mohd Asraf-making false confession about letting the gate of the farm opened – unrequited love – Mohd.Asraf loves Madhuri – Madhuri returns his love.
 Hj Ghani/ Madhuri/ Puan Fatiha – Hj Ghani loves Madhuri – pampers her- buys things for her- Fatiha-first wife-jealous- Madhuri loves Mohd.Asraf – marries Hj Ghani –because she is forced by Salleh, her father.