Wednesday, July 14, 2010


My Dream Place

I have always dreamt to visit the most romantic city in the world. People say it is a city that is full of many amazing love stories. Many newlyweds go to Paris to spend their time together. It is also a city famous for its Eiffel Tower and the painting of “Monalisa”.

I would love to go there and climb the tower with the person that I love.It must be very romantic. My friend, Hanida always laughs at me. She keeps saying that I will only step my feet there if I have a chance to marry a rich business tycoon.

No way! I will prove her wrong. I would visit Paris with my own hard-earned money. I would take my mum,dad and sister.Yes! Paris! Wait for me!

My teacher said that from the top of Eiffel Tower, a visitor can witness the fascinating view of the city. Paris is beautiful because the Seine River ,which is running across it, is lined on both sides by beautiful architecture of old historical buildings from the fifteenth century.

She further informed me that a visit to the Lourves is a must to visitors. It is an art gallery where many famous paintings and scuptures are displayed. Almost half a day is needed to tour around the gallery.

If you are a keen perfume collector,then Paris is the place to shop for popular brands like “ Beautiful” and “Eternity”.You can get your favourites at lower price. I remember my friend once said after her visit. How I envy her.

However I am very positive that one day I shall fly to Paris. Before I leave for the metropolitan city, I will first of all learn French Language so that I can
communicate with the locals. I will learn how to order garlic bread, croissant and a cup of pure black coffee in French.

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