Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Modal verbs

Form sentences using modal verbs: may, must, should, ought to, can, could

1.Pedestrians ____________hold their handbags or belonging close to their body.

2.Pedestrians ___________ be careful of suspicious motorists.

3.Pedestrians __________ always be aware of approaching motorists.

4.Pedestrians ___________ walk against the flow of traffic

5.Pedestrians ____________ be observant of your surroundings

6.Pedestrians ____________ not walk alone especially in the dark, lonely roads or back streets.

7.Pedestrians ___________ keep important items such as wallets out of sight.

8.Motorists __________ not expose handbags or belongings openly in the basket.

9.Motorists ___________ be watchful of suspicious motorists.

10.The snatch thieves ___________ be punished severely.

11.The snatch thieves’ property and money __________ be confiscated.

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