Sunday, August 10, 2008

A) SHORT STORY: The Necklace , by Guy de Maupassant

1. Why was Mathilde angry and distressed?
She was angry because she was married to a mere clerk and she felt she deserved a better life than this.(2 marks)
2. Briefly describe Mathilde’s character as evident in the extract.
She is proud and materialistic.(2 marks)
3. What had caused Mathilde to change her lifestyle
She had lost her friend’s necklace and the Loisels had to borrow to buy a new necklace and had to work for ten years to pay their debt. (2 marks)
4. Explain how Mathilde ‘bore her part’.
She dismissed her servant and they moved to a smaller house.She did heavy housework to save money.(2 marks)
5. How has Mathilde changed?
She has looked old, strong and rough.(2 marks)
6. What has caused the change?
Ten years of hardwork to pay the debt.(2 marks)

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