Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Formal letter

A letter to editor

You are deeply concerned about the rising number of snatch thefts. You want to make recommendations on how to put a stop to snatch thefts from occurring so often. Write a letter to the editor of a local newspaper and give your recommendations. Include the following points:

Introduction: ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

1) Problems:
• increasing number of snatch theft incidents
• thieves are more bold and violent
• victims — badly injured, left in a coma or killed

2) Suggestions:
Pedestrians should:
- hold handbags or belongings close to their body
- be careful of suspicious motorists or persons
- be aware of approaching motorists
- walk against the flow of traffic
- be observant of their surroundings
- not walk alone especially in the dark, lonely roads or back streets
- keep important items such as wallets out of sight

• Motorcyclists should:
- not expose handbags or belongings openly in the basket
- be watchful of suspicious motorists

• Snatch thieves should:
- be punished severely
- be sentenced to long jail terms, fined heavily
- have their property and money confiscated


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