Friday, August 15, 2008

The Pearl. Practice 2

Based on the novel you have read, describe an interesting event.

“The Pearl” has many interesting events but I find an event when Kino took Coyotito to see the doctor as the most interesting.

First, I have noted from the event that Kino and Juana are good parents because they are willing to swallow their pride for their son’s sake. Feeling scared of Coyotito’s life; Juana demands for a doctor whom everyone knows will not treat a poor patient.
Meanwhile, Kino who knows that only the doctor can save his son’s life agrees to his wife’s suggestion.

Next, this event succeeds to show how the poor is being treated by the rich. With a procession of people behind him, Kino is humiliated by the doctor. His hope to save his son’s life is shattered. Instead of treating his sick son, the doctor bluntly refuses to treat him because Kino cannot afford to pay the medical fees. The servant has implied the refusal indirectly by saying that the doctor is away.

Finally, this event points out the contrast between the rich and the poor. The doctor is portrayed as a wealthy spoiled doctor who lives in a big brick house. When his servant comes to inform about Kino’s sick son, he is sipping hot chocolate from a dainty cup. He is also wearing a silk robe. This is contrast to Kino who lives in a brush hut and eats corn cakes.

This event is clearly interesting as it demonstrates the suffering of the poor and how they are prejudiced against by the rich.

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