Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Novel:The Pearl

QUESTION: Describe the most interesting event in the novel.Give reasons why do you find it interesting.
I find the most interesting incident in the novel, “The Pearl” written by John Steinbeck, is when Kino takes Coyotito to see the doctor.

Firstly, it is interesting because the incident is made dramatic. All the way from Kino’s hut, the neighbours tag behind him. Then when he reaches the town, everyone including the beggars, also follow him making the visit to the doctor looks like a procession. Everyone seems curious to know whether the greedy doctor will treat Kino’s son. They are waiting to watch a live drama acted by Kino and the doctor.

Next, it is interesting because it shows how the poor is exploited by the rich and educated. In this incident, Kino is helpless due to his ignorance and poverty. He has no other options but to seek treatment for his son from the doctor. As expected, the doctor refuses to treat his son because he cannot pay him. Yet, the humiliation of being rejected does not deter him from finding the great pearl so that his son can be cured.

Lastly, it is interesting as it depicts how the rich and poor differ from each other vividly. The doctor is projected as living in a brick house, drinking chocolate from porcelain cup and wearing silk robe. Meanwhile Kino is pictured as someone who lives in a brush hut, eating corn cakes for breakfast and dives for pearl to support his wife and son. This incident alone able to demonstrates the luxurious lifestyle of the rich and the simple hard life of the poor.

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