Saturday, September 27, 2008

Is it better to be born rich or intelligent?

Being rich and intelligent are two great qualities. I would like to have both! Yet as I can only choose either to be born rich or intelligent, I would definitely prefer the first to the latter choice.
Firstly being rich will make my life much easier. As a student who is moderate academically, having money will ensure a place in a good prestigious college. I believe without intelligent I can achieve success in many other skilled-based fields if chance is given to improve on my skills. I may not be good at math, science and language but I am excellent in arts. I can learn arts and design, cooking or crafting.
Besides, I can fulfil my desire. I can put on clothes and shoes that I like. I can buy them at the streets or at the big shopping malls. With lots of money, I can choose where to shop. In fact, I can choose what to eat and where to eat. Holidaying will be more frequent as I can afford to visit local and overseas destinations.
Moreover, I can help the poor and the less fortunate. My mum has always taught me to donate to the less privileged people because sharing what we have with others is a benevolent act. Perhaps, I can be an entrepreneur who owns many textiles factories. I will provide jobs to thousands of people all over the world. The intelligent people will not be excluded. They will give great ideas on how to expand my business.
I believe a rich person can bring many benefits to others if he knows how to spend his money wisely and how to be kind to others.

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