Saturday, December 18, 2010

Characters in "The Curse" by Lee Su Ann

Dear readers,

Today,I am not going to discuss the characters in the novel for exam purposes. I shall state what I have in my mind for the sake of appreciating it as a piece of literature.

Lee succeeds to explore the various themes in her novel through her main and minor characters.I can personally relate to the characters even though they are only fictional characters.

In my own life journey, I have met a person like Puan Normala, the gossiper or "Mami Jarum"(as called in the famous movie "Mami Jarum.)- the kind of person who causes misery to other people's life but still feels that she is the benevolent one.

There are many real-life characters like Madhuri and Mohd Asraf(or Asraf)- the ill-fated lovers whom I have met.Being a practical person, I can't help feeling how silly a person can be when it comes to love.To me,if the person is not meant for you, then he or she is not meant for you. (The fans of the romantic movies will definitely disagree with me on this matter.)If I were Asraf,I would seek the love of a single woman.Why should I make my life miserable?

I love Azreen.She represents the modern woman.The kind of woman who fights to improve her life and not easily swayed by emotions.She dares to speak out her mind.(I guess most successful woman has some of her characteristics)

That's all for now.I shall continue some other time.


Anonymous said...

do you have more than this cause my teacher want me to complete her home in on this holiday school.

Anonymous said...

what is the character and characteristic of this novel?? can share?

Anonymous said...

do you have the character and characteristic of this novel ?

Anonymous said...

When we talked about the characters, is there anyone who could gives a comments towards characters that is well respected in the story?