Saturday, December 18, 2010

More on "Azreen" from The Curse

Dear readers,
I was not in a very good mood yesterday when I discovered my synopsis on "The Curse" has been copied and pasted by a blogger who claims it as hers.I'm writing this blog to help Malaysian students in their SPM.I've also indicated to the writer of the book,Lee Su Ann, I will write more of her work on my blog so that people recognise and acknowledge her work. I am proud that she is a Malaysian and is really looking forward to reading more novels written by her.


I find Azreen in many of us.At one period of our lives,we can be so vulnerable and emotional.However as we grow up, we learn a few tricks about how to live a happy contented life.A person changes with time.So does Azreen.Her friendship with the Old Lady has changed her outlook towards life.She begins to accept what has been fated and not to suck over small things that happen around her.

I have heard many times people saying that you cannot choose your parents.It is very true in Azreen's case.Though Salleh is extremely strict and hot-tempered, as a daughter,she ought to accept him. She mustn't have any ill-thoughts about her father.He must have loved her so much.He lays out some of his expectations clearly.He may be orthodox in his thinking but he never abandons her.He comes to her rescue in a few occasions such as when she is being attacked by Puan Normala and the villagers.

Many of us have conflict with our parents because we have so much in common with them.Lee tries to show this through Azreen.Azreen takes after her father a lot!She has his temper, his stubbornness and frankness.

So my dear readers/students, do read the novel.Try to understand the characters.Relate them to you or people around you.


PhD's Researcher - Jakaria said...

Dear Fuzie,

I read your blog since I'm looking for the synopsis and what others thought on "the Curse" by Lee Su Ann. My son who is in form five this year has asked me to explain to him about the novel and its related themes and scopes. I took a shortcut by referring to internet. Then, I stumbled upon your blog.

I also read your comment that somebody else had copied and paste your writing as their own. It was a a wrongful act.

Hence, please allow me to use your writings of 'the Curse' to assist my son. Also, hope you can share with me your further thoughts on the Curse. Not forgetting, reference will be made on your name/blogspot.


fuzie said...

Hi Jakaria,
Do read my update from time to time.I hope my blog will be a great help to your son.