Friday, July 29, 2011

Do you like the ending of the novel,The Curse?

One of the bloggers, Vera Anne R.R says:

“The ending of the story is bittersweet. It's tragic that Azreen lost everyone that she loved but I guess that makes it easier for her to go on with her life. I mean now that she's alone, she will only have her own problem to think of.

If I was in Azreen's place, I think I can go through it all. I think I can go on with my life though I don't know how long will I take to do that.”

What about you? Do share your opinion with us?

Here is my answer:

No. I dislike such a sad and tragic ending. I wish that the Old Lady did not die in the fire. She should always be there for Azreen. I hope that Salleh was imprisoned for a period of time, was released and repented.

I also dislike the ending because Azreen was depicted in the story as an incredibly strong courageous young girl despite of the deaths of so many people who were close to her. At this point the character, Azreen appeared to be unrealistic. In reality, such a person might go into depression and recover after a while. Yes, unless she received tremendous support from her foster parents, Datin Sharifah and Datuk Zulkifli.


sintaicharles said...

Ya, hardly anyone can cope with the trauma well.

Anonymous said...

the ending in this story that so sad is when azreen lost averyone that she love.for example is the old lady,madhuri and other else.if i on her situation,i dont know what must i do because
her life is vary conflicated

fuzie said...

Yes, Azreen must have been devastated to have lost her love ones. To be able to go through such a tragic experience, one must need a faith in God,the Almighty. Su Ann demonstrates this value well through The Old Lady and Azreen.