Wednesday, January 19, 2011

More about Madhuri from "The Curse" written by Lee Su Ann

Well,Madhuri seems to have led a perfect life. She has everything.She has the beauty.She has parents who love and adore her. She has a rich husband who spends generously and lavishly on her.

Yet, nobody knows what is in her heart.Even her sister,Azreen does not understand her.Azreen has been too busy in her own conflict that she forgets about the sister who always defends her. She has not given the attention Madhuri may have needed.Azreen forgets that Madhuri is also a human being. She also has feelings and dreams.Madhuri has been sending letters religiously to Azreen but Azreen has been very reserve of her feeling towards her sister.

Madhuri's sudden death finally makes Azreen realises how kind and wonderful her sister has been towards her. It is not her external beauty alone that draws admirers. Madhuri's kindness and sweet nature has actually attracted people to her. She also has an extra value.She can recite "syair" beautifully.

Let us imagine ourselves in Madhuri's shoes.She is so young but she has to marry an old man twice her age.I will run away if I am forced to do so.However Madhuri remains obedient to her father,Salleh. She marries Hj Ghani to please her father.Even after Mohd. Asraf declares his feeling towards her, she does not just leave Hj Ghani. She wants to tell her parents first and asks for a divorce from Hj Ghani.She is a sensible woman.It is a pity that she becomes the victim of anger.Salleh who is actually her adopted father has accidentally killed her when she tries to stop him from chasing Mohd.Asraf.So sad and tragic!


Fatin Mardhiyyah said...

hi teacher..i am so sorry that i copied the curse synopsis from ur blog..i have deleted it..its just i put it on my that i'll memorize it when i read my blog..i am very sorry for the late apologize.. i am just blogging for i never thought of the well..plug-in..i never know about it at all..again..i am truly sorry..

fuzie said...

Hi Fatin,
At least you have learnt something. Anyway do continue blogging but be careful okay?
Best of luck!