Monday, February 22, 2010

"Mind Map" in composition writing

Dear SPM candidates,
"Mind map" (or some call it "graphic organiser")is very helpful in guiding you to write a good composition.It helps you to organise your thoughts more systematically.It also works as a mean by which you can check your weaknesses and strengths.For example, you can easily detect repetitive ideas.
With a mind map, ideas will flow smoothly as you write.It also enables you to write within the time given so that you can move on to the next composition.
Unfortunately, most students fail to see the advantage of using a mind map.I hope you will change your way of thinking because even the best-selling writer uses a mind map to note down his ideas.

Good Luck to all SPM candidates 2010.


Vera Anne R.R said...

I know that using mind map is good but I find it hard to link the ideas that I've noted down. In the end, I'll put the mind map in my book and just write down everything. Can you help me?

fuzie said...

Hi Vera,
It's good that you are using a mind map to note down your ideas.Your next step should be to arrange the ideas in sequence so that your ideas are more organised.Remember that one idea is for one paragraph.For practice, begin writing a five-paragraph composition.Good luck Vera.

Vera Anne R.R said...


P.S. Btw, I'm Anne. The one that sent you an email about "The Curse". Anne is my nama panggilan. hehe..

fuzie said...

Hi Anne,
It's a sweet name.I will find time to write about how to use "mind map" to organise your ideas.Hope you will do well in SPM next year.

gedebus gedebas said...

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thanx 4 da info..we use to make an report about spm..