Friday, October 30, 2009


Dear SPM candidates,
Here are some tips on how to answer question 1 (Directed Writing) in Paper 1.
1)Read the instruction carefully. This is very important to prevent you from losing the marks you should get. I had observed from my past experience that some students did not answer the question as required because they did not read the instruction.
2)As you read the instruction, do underline the key points so that you won't miss them.
3)Use all the notes given. Try to elaborate the notes by adding details.
4)Make sure you use the correct format for the question. Find out the format for a formal letter, a report, a speech , an article, a letter to editor etc.
5)Decide on the tenses. Always use present tense to describe facts which are always right. Use past tense to describe past events. Use future reference when you describe something that is going to happen in the future. When you want to give advice or suggestions, use modal verbs.
6)Read your composition.Check your tenses and other types of errors.(spellings,punctuations, prepositions and pronouns)
7)Write within the time given.Once the time is over, stop writing. Move on to the next composition.

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